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xkcd Genetic Algorithm Comic

The webcomic xkcd has a funny comic today about genetic algorithms: just a few days after I posted a link to a metaheuristic paper featuring a comparison of genetic algorithms, tabu search, and simulated annealing. Advertisements

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Metaheuristics for Assortment Problems with Multiple Quality Levels

My doctoral adviser Mary Kurz is third author on an interesting paper in the February 2010 issue of Computers and Operations Research that compares genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, and tabu search for choosing an optimal product line. I have always … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! When Pi Day is a weekday, my coworkers and I bring in homemade pies. How are you celebrating Pi Day today?

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Article on Revenue Management vs. Social Networking

The March/April issue of Analytics has an article about the effect of social networking on revenue management strategies. I think social networking and the huge amount of information available on the internet have allowed consumers to level the playing field … Continue reading

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